Friday, June 28, 2019

News: BAE 5 just Dropped!

BAE 5 just dropped today, and man does it vibe!  I haven't listened to the whole thing yet (I wanted to get this post out as soon as possible), but I have no complaints so far.  He's got some classic future funk beats in there, as well as some more traditional songs with other artists doing original vocals.

Speaking of which, it feels a bit surreal to have bbno$, Billy Marchiafava, and Yung Bae on the same track, but I can't say I don't like it.  I'm proud of Bae, he's moving up and making what he wants to make.

Well, I'mma get back to listening.  I obviously recommend everyone to give it a listen, this was a long time coming :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Internet Findings: Vaporgames, a Vaporwave Videogame Blog is a new blog dedicated to Vaporwave themed video games.  Vaporwave themed games are something I personally haven't delved into (despite loving video games quite a bit), so this might be a good way for me to get into them ;)

The blog posts are well written, and the site has a simple to-the-point design that makes it easy to navigate.  The site is only nine days old but is already looking very nice.  I'm personally a big fan of blogs (obviously :P) and an avid user of RSS, so I'm always happy to see new blogs emerging.

So whether your into video games or not I'm sure Vaporgames would be an interesting read for you, and I highly recomend you check it out!

(P.S. Thanks for linking my site Vaporgames ;)

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Meta: Sorry for the lack of posts!

Just wanted to make a short post saying sorry for the lack of posts lately!  I've been on a trip this week and haven't had much time to write.  I should be able to get a new post out sometime around Wednesday, so look out for that, and thanks for your patience!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Synthwave Review: Humavision

Humavision by MightyGlen is a fun, energetic little Synthwave album.  It has a very cinematic feeling throughout the whole thing, while also managing to add in some slower more emotional sounding parts (e.g. the beginning of track 2: Existence Is Life) which I thought was a nice change of pace.

I thoroughly enjoy every track on this album with one exception, that being track 6: A Judgement.  I personally found the vocals to be a bit out of place in this track, and I would've enjoyed it more without them.  Now, that's not to say I didn't enjoy any of the vocals the album offered, I thought the robotic sounding vocals at then end of track 2 where a nice addition, I just personally thought on that track specifically they were a bit off.

I have one final nit-pick with this album, but it doesn't lie within the music itself, rather the cassette.  I enjoyed this album enough to pick up the cassette, but I found it odd that there wasn't a track-list on the sleeve at all.  I'm not really sure why this decision was made, but I just thought it was a bit weird.  Perhaps there's something going on there I don't quite understand, though.

So, final verdict: this album is very good.  I loved the vibes it gives off, and it's super enjoyable the whole way through.  I would definitely suggest it to anyone looking for a dystopian cyberpunk adventure.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Broken Transmission Review: 地球

地球 by 天気予報 is quite the interesting album.  I remember being taken quite aback when stumbling across it in 天気予報's discography because it's completely different from any of his work I've heard.

Instead of the traditional commercial samples and chopped jingles, it's a more traditional vaporwave album.  The first track, a punchy synth-filled joy, sets the mood perfectly for the rest of the experience.

This entire album makes me feel like I'm jamming out in a spaceship floating around somewhere.  It has heavy space vibes (I mean, just look at the cover), but still manages to keep that smokey retro feeling over the entire thing.

I'm not sure I would quite label this album Broken Transmission, but that's what the artist tags it as, and that's what he's known for, so I'm going to title it that for the sake of simplicity.

So, given how short this album is (it's only 4 tracks long), I'd say give it a listen.  It's some of 天気予報's best work in my opinion, and it's a lot easier to listen to than some of his other stuff.  You might even find a new sub-genre you end up loving!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Internet Findings: Pad Chennigton, a Vaporwave Youtube Channel

Pad Chennington has recently become quite the figure in the vaporwave community.  He's easily the biggest vaporwave Youtube channel out there, and for good reason.  He has a smooth voice, a unique descriptive style, and well done editing.  Add all of these things together with a obscure genre of music and you've got yourself a hidden gem ;)

One of my favorite things about his channel is his vinyl review series.  In it he not only reviews the album itself, but the quality of the vinyl as well.  It's a great way to learn what to look for and which labels to stay away from when you're just getting into the vapor-vinyl scene.  He also has several very well done videos on vaporwave sub genres, namely Future Funk, Utopia Virtual, Mallsoft, and Signalwave.

Another cool thing he does is his live streams, which are always very laid back and fun to tune in to.  He usually discusses the general happenings of the community during these while obviously allowing viewer input/discussion.

Overall, I'd give his channel a 10/10.  It's a great source of information for vaporwave newbies and veterans alike.

Friday, June 7, 2019

News: Yung Bae Drops his First Single off BEA 5!

Yung Bae dropped his first single off his upcoming album BAE 5 last night with a music video coming out just today, and man do I love this song!  It's classic Future Funk with a bit of a fresh twist on it.  It makes me even more excited for the album, which should be coming out sometime before the summer begins!

Additionally, he just announced his BAE 5 tour which will be going on this summer/fall.  You can find more information on that over on his website.

So yeah, Yung Bae fails to disappoint yet again!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Future Funk Review: Online Dating

Online Dating by Vercetti is a ten track Future Funk treat.  Its bouncy anime-fueled beats are the perfect ear candy to satisfy all your FF cravings.

The album uses City Pop samples as most FF albums do, and isn't anything too adventures for the genre, but it hits all the standard beats very well.  It's upbeat, uses heavy summer vibes, and is fueled by Japanese samples.  Whether this is a good or bad thing is up to personal preference.

One thing I'll say, though, is that the title of the album is a bit odd in my opinion.  When I think of FF I don't necessarily think of the internet as I do when listening to some of the other Vaporwave sub-genres.  It's just not a prevalent theme.  Because of this I was expecting something different from this album, something fresh, but it's just a standard FF album.

That said, as I mentioned earlier it's still a very good album, and I would recommend it to any FF fans out there.  Just don't do what I did and expect anything new ;)

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Internet Findings: Private Suite, a Vaporwave Magazine

Private Suite is a online-based magazine focused on Vaporwave and its subgenres.  It has reviews, news, and even fictional pieces based off Vaporwave!  It's a very interesting project which currently has five issues out and a sixth on the way.

You can purchase both a physical and digital subscription to the magazine through Patron, as well as a third tier which gets you physical goodies alongside the magazine.

I haven't read any of the issues, so I can't speak on their quality, but my man Pad Chennington did a video praising what they're doing, as well as going a bit more in-depth about the contents of the issue, so make sure to check his video out!

So in conclusion, I think this is an awesome project.  I love how passionate the Vaporwave community is about their work, and I absolutely love all the physical media that is created by it, whether that be vinyl, cassettes, magazines, or anything else.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Vaporwave Review: midday dream transit

midday dream transit by anyways feels like a dreamy trip through the Microsoft headquarters.  The album has a few themes that seem to run through it, the main ones being (for me) technology, big companies, and an overall dreamy feeling.

The eight track album has a variety of styles throughout.  From the upbeat sounds of simple dance song, the OS startup tune of new login and the dreamy trip that is cubical sounds it's like the variety of the buffet in the company lunch room. 

Additionally, it's been released on cassette with only twenty pressed!  There are still 2 left as of the publication of this post, so make sure to hurry and pick one up if you want it! ;)