Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Internet Findings: Pad Chennigton, a Vaporwave Youtube Channel

Pad Chennington has recently become quite the figure in the vaporwave community.  He's easily the biggest vaporwave Youtube channel out there, and for good reason.  He has a smooth voice, a unique descriptive style, and well done editing.  Add all of these things together with a obscure genre of music and you've got yourself a hidden gem ;)

One of my favorite things about his channel is his vinyl review series.  In it he not only reviews the album itself, but the quality of the vinyl as well.  It's a great way to learn what to look for and which labels to stay away from when you're just getting into the vapor-vinyl scene.  He also has several very well done videos on vaporwave sub genres, namely Future Funk, Utopia Virtual, Mallsoft, and Signalwave.

Another cool thing he does is his live streams, which are always very laid back and fun to tune in to.  He usually discusses the general happenings of the community during these while obviously allowing viewer input/discussion.

Overall, I'd give his channel a 10/10.  It's a great source of information for vaporwave newbies and veterans alike.

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