Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Internet Findings: Private Suite, a Vaporwave Magazine

Private Suite is a online-based magazine focused on Vaporwave and its subgenres.  It has reviews, news, and even fictional pieces based off Vaporwave!  It's a very interesting project which currently has five issues out and a sixth on the way.

You can purchase both a physical and digital subscription to the magazine through Patron, as well as a third tier which gets you physical goodies alongside the magazine.

I haven't read any of the issues, so I can't speak on their quality, but my man Pad Chennington did a video praising what they're doing, as well as going a bit more in-depth about the contents of the issue, so make sure to check his video out!

So in conclusion, I think this is an awesome project.  I love how passionate the Vaporwave community is about their work, and I absolutely love all the physical media that is created by it, whether that be vinyl, cassettes, magazines, or anything else.

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