Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Synthwave Review: Humavision

Humavision by MightyGlen is a fun, energetic little Synthwave album.  It has a very cinematic feeling throughout the whole thing, while also managing to add in some slower more emotional sounding parts (e.g. the beginning of track 2: Existence Is Life) which I thought was a nice change of pace.

I thoroughly enjoy every track on this album with one exception, that being track 6: A Judgement.  I personally found the vocals to be a bit out of place in this track, and I would've enjoyed it more without them.  Now, that's not to say I didn't enjoy any of the vocals the album offered, I thought the robotic sounding vocals at then end of track 2 where a nice addition, I just personally thought on that track specifically they were a bit off.

I have one final nit-pick with this album, but it doesn't lie within the music itself, rather the cassette.  I enjoyed this album enough to pick up the cassette, but I found it odd that there wasn't a track-list on the sleeve at all.  I'm not really sure why this decision was made, but I just thought it was a bit weird.  Perhaps there's something going on there I don't quite understand, though.

So, final verdict: this album is very good.  I loved the vibes it gives off, and it's super enjoyable the whole way through.  I would definitely suggest it to anyone looking for a dystopian cyberpunk adventure.

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