Thursday, December 19, 2019

Meta: December Update

I'm baackk!  Sorry it's been a while guys, I've been busy with irl stuff (and binging 90s anime) recently, but here I am with another post!  This'll be a bit of an update post because I don't have any album reviews lined up at the moment.  I know this is a bit different as I usually don't do personal posts like this, but I thought hey, why not give it a shot?

So first, what have I been listening to?

Recently I've been listening to a lot of ambient as well as some more obscure, weirder albums.  I re-listened to Birth of a New Day not too long ago which is just as amazing as I remember.  I ended up burning it to a CD and listening to it while driving around at night which is just a different experience entirely (highly recommended!).  I've also discovered a weird ambient album called Field Recordings from the Edge of Hell which I've been picking away at, but the album is almost nine hours long, so it's been taking me a while to complete.  From what I've gathered so far the album is essentially trying to imagine what it would sound like if someone went into hell and did field recordings in different parts of it, which I find to be a fascinating subject.

Now, what other things have I been doing recently?

Well, I've been watching 90s anime as I said earlier.  I watched through Cowboy Bebop, which was absolutely amazing.  The world building is probably my favorite part of that show as they do a really good job of eluding to certain aspects of the world throughout (such as the gate disaster) but never actually explaining what happened, which makes the world feel much more alive.

I've also been re-watching Serial Experiments Lain, which is so much better the second time through.  With how muddled the story of that anime can be, it's so much more clear and seems to have a more coherent story during the second watch-through.  I also watched the dub the first time, which I think slightly took away from the overall experience as the sub is quite a bit better in my opinion.

Well, that's about it!  I probably won't have another post up until after the holidays, but keep your eye out.

Thanks for visiting!

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