Sunday, May 10, 2020

Ambient Review: Gaze

Gaze is a BludHoney records published collaborative work between w u s o 命 and Sangam.  It's a short, to the point journey through a Cyberpunk world that, quite honestly, leaves me wishing for just a little bit more.

The album clocks in with a time of 12:06 which, in my opinion, is a bit too short for an album of this sort.  It's begging to be a long, epic, Cyberpunk adventure, but it's just not.  Although, to be fair, all twelve minutes of the experience are well worth it.  Like much of w u s o 命's work (I can't speak for Sangam here as this is the first project I've heard by them) Gaze paints the picture of a lonely, neon-lit futuristic city.  And, while many of the songs in this album are a tad repetitive for my taste, it's still cinematic enough to feel like it's telling a story.

Overall I'd say this is a nice bite-sized ambient album.  If you're pressed for time and just want to escape to the bleak city streets of the future for a few moments, then this is the perfect album for you.

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