Saturday, May 16, 2020

Meta: One Year!

Well today marks the day: one year ago I started up this little website o' mine.  I've evolved in that year, both as a music fan and as a person in general, but this site has stayed pretty consistent, and I'm happy with that.  Sure, the posts weren't always regular, and the gaps were sometimes large, but I always had this place in the back of my mind if I found a new album and thought to myself "huh, this is really good, I want to share this with someone".

I know not many people visit here, but it's still been fun.  I still remember the initial boom of users when I posted my link to r/vaporwave; I was so happy that people were actually enjoying what I had created.  I also remember the thrill of my first comment as well as seeing my link posted on (shoutout to vaporgirl for her awesome site!).  So, to anyone over the last year who has left a comment, shared my site, or just simply read my posts: thank you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You give me the drive to continue working on this fun little part of the internet ;)


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